A Web Developer New Year’s Resolution List

December 18, 2017

It may sound cliché, but there is no better time to start thinking about future setting goals than the start of a new year. For web developers, this could be trying a new language, building an app that has been on your mind, venturing into the world of freelancing or setting your sites on a new job position.

Here is a summary of the goals that I did and did not achieve in 2017.

2017 Resolution Recap

Goals that were met

Experiment with VR / 360 degree video

I created a basic 360 degree apartment complex demonstration using A-Frame, a Web VR framework for virtual applications. View the demo here.

2018 goal: Continue to experiment with 360 photography, videos, and 3D compositions. Virtual reality is in its infancy but will continue to grow as the technology improves.

Learn Vue.js and implement within a project

The most important goal that I met in 2017 was picking up a new framework. I had been stuck on Angular JS 1 since learning it back in 2013. Though it had not failed me on any web project, I needed to modernize my skill set to stay current and competitive within the industry.

For the first half of 2017, I experimented with React, Angular 2, and Vue.js. Of the three, React had the most vocal following (in my opinion), Angular 2 had the most “corporate feel” (again, in my opinion), and Vue.js was the new kid on the block that was getting rave reviews.

I found that each framework has its perks and shortcomings, but only one made me feel as productive as I felt when developing with Angular JS: Vue JS.

Over the past few months, I have progressed from practicing small Vue applications and components to using it in combination with the WordPress REST API and Advanced Custom Fields to rapidly deliver advanced custom functionality to the traditional content management system.

I fully endorsed learning Vue JS  if you are a fan of Angular JS 1 and are having a time migrating to something new.

Building more features into the Bootsmooth WordPress Theme

This year I released my open-source themes under The Bootsmooth Project. What started as one theme is now a modern framework for creating starter themes using any CSS / SCSS framework of your choice.

All Bootsmooth Project starter themes include:

  • Gulp for a build system
  • Babel and Browserify to compile ES6 Javascript
  • Support for compiling and minimizing Sass stylesheets
  • Twig Templates using the Timber WordPress plugin

For more information , visit the Bootsmooth Project website.

Release more code to Github

Goals that were not met

Create a native application using the Electron framework.

Electron is a framework for using web development technologies to build desktop applications. Because my work in 2017 was exclusively web-based, I did not have an application which fit Electron’s use case.

Create example stylesheets using personal UI framework

My original goal was to release custom-designed “themes” using my personal CSS user interface kit, Another Sass Interface Framework. While I did not release any custom themes, I did release the framework itself on Github.

2018 Goals

  • Continue building features into The Bootsmooth Project WordPress themes
  • Release first public WordPress plugin
  • Release first public mobile game
  • More to come!

Good luck with your list fellow web developer! Feel free to contact me if you have an idea you would like to collaborate on.