Building an NFT Web Game with Phaser and Loopring: Cave of Zombies

Blockchain Gaming

Cave of Zombies is a 2D platforming web game that I first started building in 2014. The objective is simple: navigate a maze filled with zombies and other obstacles without touching anything. The game was first developed as a way for me to get experience building a complete project with Javascript using the Phaser game framework.

Last summer I decided to use the game as a case study for realizing the utility of non-fungible tokens in Web3 projects. To accomplish this, I did the following:

  • Wrapped the Phaser game code in a statically generated NextJS website
  • Integrated the Loopring Wallet API for NFT verification using the GameStop wallet
  • Minted test NFTs on the Loopring layer 2 Ethereum network
  • Developed 3 campaigns that consist of 15 levels
  • Set up continuous deployment

The plan is to release additional campaigns that require verified NFT ownership via the GameStop wallet. Contact me if you are interested in getting an NFT access pass to help with alpha and beta testing.

Visit to play!
* Google Chrome and a GameStop Wallet are required

Early screenshots of the game in development: