Expanding My Digital Skills in 2023 with Google Certifications

Digital Marketing

The marketing landscape is evolving at an ever-increasing rate. Changes in privacy laws, user behavior, client expectations, and the underlying technologies that tie everything together are putting pressure on those who are slow to adapt. In an effort to not be left behind, I decided to expand my digital skills by pursuing Google certifications offered in Skillshop, their learning platform.

Google Analytics 4

The mandatory migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 prompted my certification journey. Between my freelance and “9 to 5” jobs, I migrated around 30 properties including changing their goals to conversion events. This process would not have been easy without the education material provided by Google in the certification course.

View my Google Analytics 4 Certification.

Privacy for Agencies and Partners Certification

This certification provides a deep-dive into the importance of utilizing consent-based tagging and analytics solutions that use conversion modeling to deliver results in a cookie-less marketing world. The courses paint a holistic picture of how Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and Google Ads work together. They also cover more advanced topics like the Privacy Sandbox, an initiative to build tools that protect privacy while offering businesses the tools they need to grow.

View my Privacy for Agencies and Partners Certification.

Google Search Ads

Why is a Google Ads certification important to a web developer? For me, I think it’s very beneficial to understand the details of an ad campaign when doing on-page conversion rate analysis and optimizations. The more knowledge about how traffic is being directed to a site and what the audience is, the more insights can be gained when deciphering user behavior like link clicks, form submissions, and more.

View my Google Search Ads Certification.