Cloud Computing Consulting Opportunities in 2018

December 19, 2017

Cloud computing consulting opportunities 2017

The rising need for strategic information systems plans which leverage cloud computing services to meet organization needs has created a great opportunity for consulting. According to Information Services Group (ISG), cloud computing services amount for a third of all global sourcing services ( CIO Magazine ). Today’s businesses need people who know how to navigate the different layers of applications and platforms and mold them into a finely-tuned, cohesive unit.

Why outsource to a consultant instead of building in-house?

Time is the only thing more valuable than money and in today’s high-paced world, business owners, especially small businesses, have little free time.

This is the reason why companies are “niching down” in everything from services offered to desired audience. With the amount of data that exists today, we can find the ideal solution,customer, whatever, as fast as ever.

So it is in business owners interest to “niche” their own services down by hiring a cloud consultant to leverage their expertise and save time.

Areas of Opportunities in the Cloud Computing Market

Software as a Service Management Consulting

Small businesses can earn the most return from using cloud computing solutions because they can unlock powerful computing features for a fraction of the cost before. However, most owners do not have the time to invest in researching, learning, and implementing a cloud solution for their business. They are too busy running the day-to-day operations!

This is where the opportunity lies for management consultants. By concentrating on a specific platform or service area, consultants can be the mediator and facilitator to allow small businesses to move beyond their current tech solutions.

Some service areas include:

  • Marketing Automation

    I have used MauticMailchimp and Sharpspring to build lead generation conversion funnels with content, integrated forms to segment leads, and personalized email delivery. The demand for marketing automation and personalization will increase over 2018

  • Social Advertising Campaign Strategist

    Facebook / Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat have developed into mature platforms to reliably reach target demographics depending on the social network. Businesses of all sizes will have a need for not just marketing services, but strategy itself as the advertsing landscape continues to evolve.

  • Document Management (Google GSuite and Microsoft Office 365)
  • Accounting and Billing
  • and more

Cloud Architects and Platform Experts

To put it simply, a cloud architect is someone who finds the necessary tools, platforms, and applications which are provided in the cloud by third parties to meet specific business needs. The various components are then compiled into a documented and flexible system which performs at the business’s requirement.

The types of components can include development tools, infrastructure, application platforms, email and messaging solutions, data storage, analytics, and more. Whatever the business need is, the job of the cloud architect is to build the solution.

Cloud architects have expert knowledge in a particular cloud platform such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. By working with a platform expert, real solutions that yield business results can be built and implemented faster.

Business operations that can benefit from a cloud computing strategy include:

  • Website and application hosting
  • Media processing and content delivery
  • Data storage and analysis