Hi, I’m Clarence.

I am the owner and founder of Treyworks LLC and currently work at Love & Company building accessible WordPress sites as a Senior Web Developer.

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14+ Years of Experience

Who I have worked with

50+ clients in senior living, higher education, healthcare, tourism, e-commerce, real estate, and manufacturing.

AI Consultant & Prompt Engineer

AI-Driven Innovation for Business Growth

At Treyworks LLC, I leverage my expertise as an AI consultant to deliver cutting-edge solutions across web development, automation, content marketing, and prompt engineering.

My work focuses on creating bespoke AI applications that elevate website performance and user engagement, designing efficient automation systems to optimize operations, and formulating AI-centric strategies to revolutionize content management practices.

Frontend Developer

Creating visually appealing and user-friendly web experiences.

I craft engaging digital experiences that captivate users and drive results. My expertise in frontend technologies allows me to:

  • Design intuitive, responsive interfaces that boost user engagement
  • Lead complex web projects from conception to deployment
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to optimize website performance
  • Implement strategies that increase traffic and improve search engine visibility

Backend Developer

Ensuring seamless functionality behind the scenes.

I build the robust foundations that power seamless web applications. My backend skills include:

  • Developing RESTful APIs using PHP and Python
  • Managing and optimizing databases for peak performance
  • Creating efficient scripts with Python, Node.js, and Bash
  • Ensuring code integrity and integrating third-party APIs
  • Delivering scalable solutions that adapt to evolving business needs

Data Analyst

Leveraging data to drive informed decision-making.

I transform raw data into actionable intelligence to fuel strategic decision-making. My analytical capabilities encompass:

  • Developing comprehensive reporting dashboards using Google Analytics, Looker Studio, and Tag Manager
  • Implementing analytics for SEO, paid search, email, and social marketing campaigns
  • Managing and deriving insights from Oracle and MySQL databases
  • Translating complex data into clear, impactful visualizations

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Ready to Innovate?

I’m passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve complex challenges and drive business growth. Whether you’re looking to:

  • Harness the power of AI for your next big project
  • Develop a high-performance web application
  • Unlock valuable insights from your data

I’m here to turn your vision into reality. Let’s connect and explore how we can create impactful solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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