I'm Clarence Pearson III

Web Designer / App Developer / Cloud Consultant

I build things that help people use data better.

From web sites hosted in the cloud to custom mobile apps, I have years of experience delivering results for clients.

  • Front End: WordPress / Angular / Sass 100%
  • Backend: Google App Engine / Compute Engine / PHP / Python 100%

Latest Blog Posts

Cloud Computing Consulting Opportunities

The rising need for strategic information systems plans which leverage cloud computing services to meet organization needs has created a great opportunity for consulting. According to Information Services Group (ISG), cloud computing services amount for a third of all...

Web App Design Update 3 – Always Be Coding

Over the past month, I have adopted the saying Always Be Coding as a life slogan. In an effort to further my knowledge and experience, I have decided to dedicate more time to my side projects outside of work. The results over the past month have been very satisfying...

My Web Design and Development Toolset

Every web designer and application developer amasses a set of tools, development environments, libraries, and platforms with which they become comfortable and use on a daily basis. Throughout the years that I have been creating web sites, I have formed my own stack...

3 Reasons Why I Love Hosting Sites on Google App Engine

Deciding who to trust with your web sites hosting is a major decision that developers and managers do not take lightly. Hosting is an area where you can see all the hard development work go up in flames because certain considerations were not planned out in advance....

Web App Design Update 1 – SEO and UIkit

I have decided to dedicate some time every week to reflect on my web app projects and areas of interest. The reasons for doing this are simple: My list of bookmarked and tweeted links about web app design and development has grown in size Sharing knowledge is a key to...