Hi! My name is Clarence.

You can say I'm passionate about helping people achieve their goals through technology. I have over a decade of experience designing, building and supporting applications for a wide range of organizations.

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From database and web application development to marketing automation and conversion tracking, I have done quite a lot in my professional career.

This has blessed me with an ability to have a holistic understanding of how all of the parts of a solution work together to solve a problem.

I currently work as an ERP Developer at Ohio University. I have also built database applications at Fairmont State University and WVNET. I have built websites as a web developer and project manager at Blaine Turner Adversiting, Ohio University, and as a freelancer.


Programming has been a love of mine since I taught myself BASIC at the age of 10.

Throughout my career, I have built websites with WordPress, Drupal, and static site generators, frontend components with VueJS and React, and backend web apps with Python and NodeJS.


Many small business owners don't have the time to customize and fine-tune their e-commerce sites to maximize profits.

I have helped with site setup, inventory migration and synchronization with Facebook Commerce, and landing page development using Woocommerce and Shopify.

Marketing Words

I started working in digital marketing in 2016. Since then, I have worked with healthcare, tourism, manufacturing and small business clients.

This includes managing Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, conducting SEO campaigns and monitoring site performance with Google Analytics and Search Console, and creating reporting dashboards with Google Data Studio.

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Clarence Pearson

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